Game Boy Advance – How To Install And Play Games

Download Links Game Boy Advance – v2.1.4 Game Boy Advance – Bios   How to install Game Boy Advance 1. First, download the two links from above. 2. Make a new folder called GBA to extract those files (Keep in your mind this folder will run your GBA emulator, so choose wisely your folder direction). 3. Inside GBA folder make another 5 folders, (Cheats, Roms, Saves, Quick Saves, Screenshots). 4. Run the visualboyadvance-m.exe and change the settings as the pictures… Read More »Game Boy Advance – How To Install And Play Games

Nox – How To Install Nox App Player For PC

This is how you can install and play games on your PC through the app “Nox”. It’s very fast and smooth for games, it’s possible to root the app with one click. Your PC must have VT ( Virtualization Technology ) to be able to run this app at 100% speed. If you face any errors or difficulties with the installation, let me know. Download Emulator: