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How To Enable VT (Virtualization Technology) For PC

Virtualization Technology ( VT-x and AMD-V ) First of all VT-X and AMD-V offer the same technology but come from two different processor Manufacturers. Virtualization Technology allows a program running under an operating system to obtain full control of the CPU. If your VT is not enabled, then emulators like NOX can’t run at full speed because they are running with only 1 Core. In addition not any CPU has Virtualization Technology, so you can check if your CPU support… Read More »How To Enable VT (Virtualization Technology) For PC

Nox – How To Fix Graphic Glitch For PC

If you had any problem with graphic or animation ( Glitch, Error, Display Freeze, Bug ), with this solution you can fix your problem. If you face any errors or difficulties, let me know. Download Emulator: